The Package that Set Me Free is an autobiographical account of Anthony Ellis’ life. This story was written while Ellis was being counseled for drug addiction in a Tennessee prison. When he was writing his memoirs, the demons in his past surfaced, then the healing process began; his rehabilitation flourished when he encounters a spiritual awakening which set him on a path toward resurrecting his life.

Ellis was his mother’s first born. Before he reached puberty, he was the leader and child baby sitter of his three younger sisters. He considered himself to be the black sheep in the family, because he felt personally taunted that his father never came around, because his sisters had a relationship with their fathers. His father’s absence gave him and incompleteness that made him hate his father and eventually himself, causing Ellis to be consumed with emptiness and self pity. His inadequate feelings encouraged him to be mischievous, rebellious, and stubborn. Read more

About Anthony Ellis

Before Anthony Ellis discovered his niche for writing, he was a street hustler, a veteran drug addict, and a career criminal. Ellis was raised by a devoted mother in Jackson, Mississippi. His search for self began when he was a boy. During his early life, he felt empty, because his father was absent, plus, he was severely disciplined and humiliated often.
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Excerpt from the Book

When I stepped out of the loud, crowded courtroom and the bailiff placed me into the cold, empty holding cell, I had several things on my mind: How did I ever end up like this? Am I ever going to be free? I asked myself repeatedly, Why me?
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